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Name: Judy
Age: 17
Location: Va
Sex: Female
color(s): I'm going to assume this means favorite color..Blue
food: chili w/cheese
boys names: I'm not sure of the point of this question.
girls names: Ditto above.
subjects in school: I'm taking IB Biology 1, Ceramics 1, IB Math Studies 1, College Gov't/Va History, IB History 1, Exploring Foods, and IB English 1

3 favorite songs:
1. Concrete Angel, by Martina McBride
2. American Soldier, by Toby Keith
3. Daddy's Little Defect by SugarCult

3 favorite movies:
1. Interview with a Vampire
2. 13 going on 30
3. The Green Mile

How do you feel about your physical appearance?: I'm not always happy with it, but who is? I'm content with who I am.

What's your idea of a perfect Friday night?: Getting a good nights sleep after hanging out with friends.

why do you think your [Bad username: foxy_erotico] material?: Because I've run communities before, I'm a MOD at sexc_biotch and I'm currently bringing _0h_baby_ back to life..I've moderated/maintained communities before, and no offence, but y'all seem like y'all need some help and I'm willing to help. I'm honest and pretty well rounded, but down to earth.

How did you find us? mi_confessionz left a message on my Lj asking to be sister communities and we agreed to join each other's communities.

make us laugh: Turn on Comedy Central...I'm only funny when trying to get myself out of an icky situation or cheering someone up.

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