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co-mod application! grungeirl1029

Location:miami fl
color(s): blue, purple, black
food: way too many to name [yea i like to eat ; )]
boys names: james, geovani, brandon
girls names: gwen, victoria, autumn
subjects in school: L.A. & Drama

3 favorite songs:
1. Nirvana- Aneurysm
2. Alice in Chains- Again
3. Stone Temple pilots - Big Bang Baby

3 favorite movies:
1.pirates of the carribean (johnny!!)
2. mean girls
3. bruce almighty

How do you feel about your physical appearance?:
its nothing special but im comfortable with it

What's your idea of a perfect Friday night?:
hanging out w/ my friends watching a movie or acting like idiots in public

why do you think your foxy_erotico material?:
i co-created this community & i made banners ohh yea huarry 4 me

How did you find us?
umm... co-created u..

make us laugh:
when i feel like shit this always makes me laugh
i love this!!

Please post at least 3 (clear) pictures of yourself:
i hav 1 pic of me that i just took yesterday all the others r old

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