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CO-MOD APPLiCATiON mi_confessionz

Name: Michelle
Age: 14
Location: oh so sunny Miami, FL
Sex: Female
color(s): pink and red
food: uhm, anything cuban or italian
boys names: Anthony, Andrew, and Derick
girls names: Vanessa, Tina, and Amber
subjects in school: Math

3 favorite songs:
1. TLC - unpretty
2. 112 - Crazy Over You
3. Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway

3 favorite movies:
1. A Walk To Remember
2. Pirates of the Carribean
3. Fat Albert

How do you feel about your physical appearance?: eh, i'll say it again, im no tyra banks, but im not a beast either.

What's your idea of a perfect Friday night?:
well, right now my perfect friday night will be with Anthony, doing whatever,
hanging with the friends, going to the mall and SHOPPiNG !
why do you think your [Bad username: foxy_erotico] material?:i took part in creating it.

How did you find us? i helped create you

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